Wet protection and mattress pads for the baby bed

Not all mattresses have integrated wetness protection or have a cover that dries quickly. The body fluids can get inside the mattress. If the air circulation is insufficient, it is possible that the mattress begins to mold. In addition, the bacteria of the urine sweat or other excretions of your baby spread. This creates a risk for your baby. So you do not have to replace the mattress immediately or need expensive cleaning, there are mattress pads or moisture protection inserts for the baby bed.

This edition absorbs the excretions and lets them dry quickly so that the baby mattress is spared. It also protects against unsightly stains. The pads are often made of cotton and are so skin-friendly and breathable. Then you should pay close attention to the purchase because the material has a lot of contact with your baby. There are thicker and thinner models. Depending on whether they are used as witness protection or as a mattress protector. They are washable at 60 degrees Celsius so that as many germs as possible are killed during washing.

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It is important that the moisture protection is not waterproof on both sides. What sounds good at first glance is counterproductive on the second. If your child accidentally urinates or vomits, the waterproof material on the top prevents fluid from passing. It remains constant on the overlay. This ensures that your little one is in the wet until you notice it and change the clothes. For one thing, your baby is very uncomfortable and often does not sleep. In the case of vomit, this can even become dangerous if your child inhales the vomit again.

Another important feature is the air circulation. The material should be as permeable to air as possible so that the moisture can dry as quickly as possible and your child can sleep on a dry surface. This also prevents mold growth. Also, your child will not start sweating so fast. Air-impermeable documents create a very unpleasant sleeping environment.