How to clean a memory foam mattress?


Memory foam mattress is one of the widely used mattresses. Latex is a completely natural material that, although known since ancient times, is used in the production of mattresses only in modern times.

Thanks to its important properties, latex has proved particularly suitable for making high-quality mattresses.

Latex is highly hygienic and hypoallergenic. In fact, its particular structure is highly elastic and is also breathable thus preventing the emergence of mold and bacteria. It is worked without production of toxic residues being completely natural; it is biodegradable and does not conduct electromagnetic fields.

The memory is a modern material patented by NASA that has the ability to shape itself perfectly to the body, memorizing every point of support of a body and cushioning the body weight in the most critical points such as shoulders, back and also.

The MEMORY FOAM is a material with a cellular structure that is perfectly modeled according to the pressure and temperature of the body and is able, once the pressure is over, to return to the original shape. If you are in search of the best mattress for restless legs ditch the mattress warehouse and visit Bestmattress-brand.

Regarding the cleaning of a latex and memory foam mattress, the use of steam is not recommended. This applies to memory foam mattresses and pillows that could be damaged due to excessive heat due to the presence of foam. The use of steam machines is recommended for non-removable mattresses that accumulate more dust and mites over time, such as the classic spring mattresses, and which need deeper cleaning.

Some useful tips for cleaning the memory, instead, are to vacuum the mattress to remove excess dirt on the removable cover (before washing it in the washing machine). Furthermore, if you decide to use liquid solutions to clean up persistent stains, remember to dry the mattress very well, which could develop mold and fungus if left damp.

The cleanliness and the entertainment of your mattress are essential to ensure that it is maintained for a long time and to guarantee that the memory does not lose its properties.