Choosing a single mattress:

In addition to the chosen material, which can be spring-loaded, in memory or latex just to mention the most common and sold, a single orthopedic mattress is the one that has the least possible number of pressure zones: this pressure is exerted by the mattress on our body and can cause pain in the lumbar, cervical, or joint areas, etc. Therefore, a single mattress, which must meet the needs of a single person, must have few pressure zones to be considered of good quality, and at the same time encourage the user to assume the correct alignment of the spine, neck, and head, resulting in therefore anatomical and ergonomic.

If until recently it was believed that an orthopedic mattress was only the rigid one for specific back problems, today experts consider in this way any mattress is able to model itself perfectly on the lines and the shape of the body, preventing from the beginning the formation of painful pathologies that in the medium and long term could seriously harm our health.

Choosing a double mattress:

When it comes to choosing a double mattress, the question inevitably becomes more complex as the needs in this case concern two people. As we highlighted in the chapter on weight and physical constitution, for example, if there is a great deal of weight disparity between the two partners, it is good to choose fairly rigid support or a model with many areas of differentiated support that guarantee adequate support for all body parts stretched over the bed. In the market there are also air mattresses that can be inflated and adjusted to different levels of pressure, if the couple has different needs in terms of degree of rigidity, but it is not advisable for all this type of product for a number of factors for which it could to be uncomfortable, even before using the model itself.

The speech is even more complex if one of the two partners, or even both, suffer from problems and need an orthopedic mattress that is able to alleviate the pain: in these cases the only thing to do is to consult the doctor who trusts can guide you towards the right purchase, even more so if the two partners have divergent clinical needs, in order to find the best possible compromise as a double mattress.

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